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summer unlimited play pass.png
  1. The pass pays for your portion of the court rental.

  2. You may personally reserve up to 1.5 hours of court time per day (inside or outside courts), but may play as often as you like in a day.

  3. Your Play Pass can be used to pay for EATL matches and summer contracts!

  4. If you purchase the USTA option, your play pass can be used to pay for your USTA team matches!

  5. Players must cancel a reservation at least 4 hours before or will be charged $20.

  6. Players must check in at the front desk before playing inside or outside.

  7. Your Play Pass cannot be used to pay for round robins, tennis drills or lessons.

  8.  Reservations are based on availability.

    Courts are unavailable Mon - Thur, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM during camp weeks.
    We are closed July 4th.

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