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In addition to our standard Covid-19 safety guidelines and additional facility cleaning procedures found here, Northwood has implemented the following policies and procedures specific to our junior classes.

  1. Per Governor Wolf's 11/17/2020 order, masks must be worn at all times when in the building.

  2. All kids will be given a squirt of hand sanitizer upon entering the court and before/after they practice serving. 

  3. Do not bring your child to class if any of the following conditions are true:

    • He/she is not feeling well.

    • He/she or someone in your immediate family has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 10 days.

    • He/she or someone in your immediate family is waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test.

    • If your child has knowingly been exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the last 10 days.

  4. Until Northwood is able to open our outdoor courts (April/May), all classes be held on our inside courts.


In an effort to keep the lobby and front desk area as clear as possible, the following rules will be implemented:


  1. Players must check in at the front desk when they arrive by announcing their full name and the class they are attending.

  2. After checking in, all players are to go past the desk and wait (socially distanced) in the back part of the lobby until the tennis pro brings them down to class.  

  3. The players will be brought down to the courts using the stairs to the right of the front desk and brought up from the courts using the stairs that come up in the lower lobby.

  4. After class, the players will remain in the lower lobby (socially distanced) until picked up by their parents.

  5. The chairs, toys and ping pong table have been removed from the lobby and family members are strongly discouraged from remaining in the lobby during class.

Junior Tennis Program
Covid-19 Safety Guidelines
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